sábado, 3 de febrero de 2018

Chloe The Film (Adult Version)

We all surely remember the movie "Chloe", which has as its protagonist a successful gynecologist but who leads a very boring life with her husband, who lately suspects that she is being unfaithful to other women and decides to hire a prostitute to find out if your partner is unfaithful or not.

As the adult film producer Tushy Porn has decided to make a porn video parodying this successful movie. This adult film is going to have practically the same script, the main difference is that it will have many more sex scenes between its actors, which are going to be the actor Chris Taylor and the actresses Angelina Khalifa with Mia Malone, three greats of the industry.

This Porn xxx has already been criticized by major newspapers because of the type of film it is and to which audience it is directed. The actors and people who participated in the creation of the original film have said that they do not feel offended, on the contrary, they are happy because this is a sign that they did a good job, and because of this a producer has decided to perform a parody from them.

The final result has been a good combination of hd porn images with a production at the Hollywood level according to the first users of the website who have seen it in the first place giving a rating of 8.5 out of 10, which is quite good.

Hopefully after a while since the publication this type of films have a good acceptance for adult film producers continue to make parodies of the original films and we can continue having fun watching this type of film, which is a different vision of production original.